Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wild and Beautiful. Bedroom makeower - part one.

Animal prints - some people love it, others hate. We are all different, thank god! Otherwise we would all end up having same colours, fabrics and furniture in the same houses. Would not that be a nightmare!

Let's go back to animal prints.

Those beautiful full operational draperies are made of leopard print faux fur fabric. The little valance covers and hides inexpensive I-Beam rod. It has small drop size for a reason. There is only 6" above the patio door leading to a balcony, and the owners are relatively toll.

The chair
and the ottoman were reupholstered with the same fabric to keep the animal print theme. The ottoman provides a sitting place in the morning and a storage surface for the bed cover and decorative pillows over night.

Colours on the bed cover and on pillows are in harmony with colours on the draperies. For sewing enthusiasts it will be easy to make draperies and decorative pillows. Even upholstery probably won't be a problem.

If you are not sure about your skills, I would recommend to hire a professional to do the job.


FAQ Video said...

The only missing thing is a leopard on the top of the bed. And how about palm trees and tropical plants in that bedroom?

Lena said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. I will think about it, and may be in part two or three you will be able to see your ideas was used. So come often to check it out.

comforter covers said...

That bed looks inviting, the leopard design is really simple yet very exotic.