Thursday, November 29, 2007

Book " Simple Cushions" by Katrin Cargill

This book is full of interesting ideas and step-by-step projects for over 100 cushions of all shapes and sizes.
Includes 20 illustrated instructions to make your own cushions and decorative pillows.
For those, who don't know how to sew, but want to add a few cushions to their home decor , book will give various ideas and inspiration.
Katrin Cargill is also an author of The Soft Furnishing Book, The soft Furnishing Workbook and Pure Country.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I found this good tool to plan your decorating projects and chose the colours you like for your walls, window treatments, rods and furniture:

Color This!

"Now you can try your hand at designer decorating. Our Color This! suite lets you choose paint colors for your interior walls and exterior siding, along with fabric, window treatments, flooring, roof color, trim, and more. Simply choose and apply the colors and materials, then save your rooms to view later, print on a color printer, or e-mail to a friend. Design, plan, or just have fun!"

Dress Your Naked Windows!

Window treatments add visual interest to any windows and rooms. Naked windows are looking empty and unfinished.

You don't need to cover entire window to achive finished look. Top treatments, such as valances, dress the windows and give them softer, more decorative look.

Swags and jabots showed below added warmth to the living room. The treatment made of natural silk and lined.

Swags and jabots are complicated window treatments and require professional approach.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stylish Way to Dress Your Naked Windows

Window treatments styles and forms change in popularity from time to time. The advantage of Roman shades is that they never seem to go out of style with their clean, sophisticated lines.

Roman shades are one of the most stylish and very efficient and practical way to add a touch of elegance to all of your windows.

Roman shades can be used as a standalone window treatment fitted outside the window or fitted inside the window recess and combined with curtains and top treatments for a layered look.

The range of fabrics and colors available in a market will allow customizing the look to any desired style you might have. Roman shades are a simple and practical window treatment to accent a room or to provide privacy and protection from bright sun.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Book: Vintage Fabric Style

I found this book and decided to add it to my large collection of books about sewing and inteior decor.
Authors are Lucinda Ganderton and Rose Hummick.

Book is full of stylish ideas and projects for your home, using quilts and flea market finds . Book contain many pictures of decorative pillows made of vintage fabrics, bed covers, a padded jewelry box and table linens.
I found a website on a back of the book:

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Door knobs, handles, fingerplates, door pulls and pretty well everything you could imagine putting on a door.

One thing many people forget to think about in their houses are the doors, which is strange really because doors are the first and last thing that people will see.
I found some very elegant door furniture at a British company called Drummonds. They make door knobs, handles, fingerplates, door pulls and pretty well everything you could imagine putting on a door.

All their door hardware is made of solid brass by an ancient manufacturing method called the 'lost wax process' but it can be plated with chrome or nickel for a more modern effect.

Shown below are two of Drummonds door knobs, one in chrome,

and one elaborate copy of an original door knob from an old English country house that comes with a matching escutcheon.