Monday, September 3, 2007

Custom Wall Art

Whether you are moving into new house or renovating your old good place, it's worth consider the wall art. Wall art is an integral part of interior decor and can't be ignored. In my opinion it's as important as a wall color or the choice of the sofa fabric.

From this point you can choose from the closest department store or from an art gallery. The choice is yours: either a mass replica of Mona Lisa or unique work of unknown artist. Often both options may cost you same money.

Featured here are the two art works by Andrei Filippov: Fireworks #1 (above) and Hydraulics (below). Both are photograph prints available in custom sizes and finishes, framed or non-framed from ImageKind.


Piper said...

I love those pipes!

Anonymous said...

Probably in real life you will not notice those pipes, but when an artist see them through his/her eyes and bring it in form of art to our attention, we can see the beauty of our surroundings, right?