Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is Black and White a New Trend in Home Décor?

It seems everyone is offering black-and-white decorative accessories nowadays.

Was not black-and-white around before? May be I wasn’t looking for white and black items and just didn’t noticed them?
Lately I was going through my collection of Burda Magazines I’ve collected over the years and suddenly found these beautiful dresses made in black and white. Magazine I found the dresses in is November 2003 issue of Burda. That means I have had it since 2003, but probably was not paying attention all that time.

In 2005-2006 I’ve designed a collection of decorative pillows in Black and White silk. Look at the pictures of the 2003 dresses and my 2007 pillows.

Do you see the similarity?

I do not have the pillow similar to the next dress, but may be I should make one?

I am wondering, how strong the influence of fashion industry is on interior décor? I have feeling that it takes about 2-4 years for colours, fabric patterns and textures from fashion industry to be adopted in Home Décor field.

Below are black and white decorative accessories that I have found in various local stores in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Ikea store (right):

Loblaws (right):

Zellers (right): offers a whole collection of Black and White Decorative pillows for those who love clean lines of contemporary décor style.


Anonymous said...

I just love black/white theme, it is so bold. I think it makes a statement like 'look at me'. A lot of people think black is too dark for home decor but i think it tends to stand out more and get noticed. I also like black/tan or cream. That is the colour of my house. Cream walls, white ceiling and black bench tops. Brushed silver also looks fantastic for accessories for this colour theme.
I make fabric wall hangings and have a lovely one in the black/tan and cream colours.
see it at

Elena said...

I think combination of black and white is very sharp, but application of those colours in Home Decor is limited.

Ash Joie-Lee said...

You asked if the fashion industry plays a role in home decor- my hubby is in the foot health/shoe field and I attend the shoe shows with him and get my cues for my designs by what colors and styles are coming out in the shoes! This year, it was a lot of bright tropical colors with a lot of glitz as well as the subdued earth tones. I agree with you that the colors emerging in the home decor field are behind the fashion industry.
This past year I wanted to redo my home in creams, blk & white. I've been too busy to make the changes, but I was suddenly very drawn to this look even though I think it is an old never-can-go-wrong-with stand by!
Have enjoyed your blog and have you bookmarked!