Friday, July 27, 2007

254 Pieces of Felt

Textile is not just a decorative material, but could be a pure art media. National Art Gallery of Canada features a "sculpture" Untitled by Robert Morris made exclusively out of precisely counted pieces of felt randomly piled up on the floor. Curious public does not always get an artistic point and occasionally throws garbage onto the pile to add some visual accents.

Clearly, what is the artistic point? Slicing the pieces of felt? H-m-m... Organizing the pieces on the floor? That seems to be the cleaner's job and in this case has to be credited appropriately. No such credit on the wall.

Look for my works inspired by this "piece of ... art" in future postings.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Black-and-White Fabrics from Maxwell

Flipping through my sample books I have discovered some nice Black-and-White fabrics. The ones on the photo are from left to right: Carnaby Street, Saville Row and Twiggy. All are 67% Acrylic, 33% Polyester, 18,000 Double Rub.

Black and White is coming back into interior decor, and will probably stay there for some time.

Friday, July 20, 2007


The LenkArt online pillow store was featured on, The Buyer's Guide to Independent Art and Design.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Outstanding Licence Plates

PL8S stands for PLATES in the licence plate enthusiasts lingo. So that's exactly what it is: Outstanding Licence Pl8s, or Plates, online collection of the personalized plate photos.

People from all over the world share their pictures with the blog author to get them published. You can find plate photos from Europe and USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Vanity is Never Too Much, reads the banner on the top of each collection's page. But it's really not about vanity, but freedom of expression. Most of US states and Canadian provinces allow car owners express themselves via messages on their licence plates.

Latvia after years of the totalitarian rule finally set free in 1991. Now liberated Latvains can fancy personalized licence plates on their Europian, American and Japanese vehicles that pushed out Ladas from the streets of Riga.

And if there is not enough vanity for someone, they can always place their plate number on the pillow. The plate photo pillows are custom made by LenkArt. The plate photo is being printed on the specialty fabric and embedded into the pillow.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Magic of Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are the simplest and the most economical way to bring colour and texture to any room. A plain sofa may magically become a focal point, if you decorate it with unusual or exotic pillows.

You may use different pillow covers for different seasons! It is an easy way to create new mood in the room. When you buy or order custom made pillows, make sure they have a zipper closure: it’ll be handy when it comes to cleaning or storage. You could use the same pillow inserts with variety of pillow covers.

The pillow is not only a pretty and decorative object sitting on your sofa or chair. It also supports your back or neck after long working hours. It makes your weekend relaxation more comfortable and pleasant. A fluffy pillow, a nice book and a glass of wine… What a dream!

Dream with and have a nice pillow!