Saturday, March 29, 2008

Draperies headings - part one

When you think about draperies heading - what first come to your mind?

Pinch pleats?

But there are many other types of pleats and headings are available. Even a pinch pleats can have some twist with little details like covered button or tassel.

I will try to showcase as much draperies heading ideas as I could find through the books, internet and magazines.

1. Pinch pleats are the most commonly used pleats to finish drapery heading. Pinch pleats offer a uniform fold and a tailored look. Two and one and a half times fullness is standard.

Pinch Pleats with Buttons

Pinch Pleats with Little Rosettes

Pinch Pleats with Tassels

Now I will go and try to find more ideas for pleats.
So stay tuned...


Malaysian Fabric Heritage said...

Pinched pleats are so neat. Very practical and decorative indeed for hall's large glass panels.

Blinds and Curtains said...

Even though pinch pleats are probably the most commonly used heading style, they still remain one of the most clean and stylish looking headings.