Friday, August 10, 2007

Textile for Textile

Textile promotion works well for textile decor. I have ordered few t-shirts with the name of my online pillow store on the front side from Vistaprint. Good job!


Kukushka said...

The quality on that shirt isn't bad at all! How much does vistaprint cost? Would you recommend the company over something like cafepress?

PL8S said...

Besides the quality, the concept is different. Vistaprint makes t-shirts to your order. You have to upload the artwork and pay for the manufacturing and the shipping. Cafepress is mostly oriented on fan base, meaning that someone else will buy the t-shirt with your artwork, and you'll get a cut. Or free walking billboard.

Lena said...

You also can order a lot of promotional materials at VistaPrint, not only T-shirt.